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lundi , 9 décembre 2019
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Tag Archives: moisturizing

Properly moisturizing your skin helps wound healing

We all want a flawless skin without blemishes or marks. To this end, we always look for miracle products but we often forget one fundamental point: moisturizing. Indeed, properly moisturizing your skin stimulates cell renewal and therefore helps wound healing and fade dark marks. If …

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Nightime routine for dry skin

Make up removal - nighttime routine

To adapt your daily routine to your skin type is essential in order to improve or to protect your skin. Today I wanna share with you my nighttime routine for dry skin that helped me improve my skin. Here are the steps : 1. I …

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How to soothe dry skin

If you have a dry skin, these tipps should help you relieve skin tightness. 1. Do never forget to MOISTURIZE your skin. Apply a moisturizer mornings and evenings. Anyway, if you do not do it, the tightness feeling will remind you what’s good for your …

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Aniversum, Austrian beauty blogger


We are trying to know more about the Afro-German-speaking blogosphere : here is Anna, a german speaking lady who gives tipps on Youtube and lives in Austria. She has accepted to answer a couple of question about natural hair… Chronique beauté noire: Generally speaking, would you say …

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Farida B Hydra’R FORCE

Farida B Hydra R Force

We tried the HydraR’FORCE line by Farida B. This line is especially made for chemically treated hair or hair that is damaged by the climate. The products contain ximenia oil, amaranth oil, quinoa milk, bee wax, silk protein, carnauba wax and vitamin E. As winter …

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How to maintain cornrows


Cornrows are an efficient protective style to give your hair a break.  For that, you should continue to take good care for your hair. Here are some tipps that can help make your cornrows an efficient protective style. Hairstyle duration : You should preferably keep your …

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