Skinbleaching law Uganda

June 2012 – Like in many other countries, laws against the sale of bleaching cosmetic products are not respected in Uganda in spite of the NDA’s (National Drug Administration) warnings and the legislation.

Picture_072b - no credit requiredAs they carried out a sting operation in Kampala, the NDA realized that most of cosmetic shops were selling banned bleaching products… No surprise

Therefore the NDA is concerned. On the one hand, Wycliffe Arinaitwe (NDA law enforcement officer) is worried about the fact that the ban leads manufacturers not to mention the name of dangerous ingredients, thus making believe to the customers that these products are safe and legal.

Besides according to Arinaitwe, the government should reinforce laws to prevent people from selling these products. Indeed, so far people only had to pay a 30 000sh fine (around 10€) to be released.

Since this sting operation, the NDA has listed products that contain corticosteroids and that may cause diseases like skin cancer, nervous disorder, kidney failure, etc. Here is the list of these products :

Perfect Finish, Hot Movate gel, Lemonvate, New clear cream, Sivotone cream, Slear essence cream, First class lady, Neutrotone cream, Dermaclair, Maxi-tone, Peau Claire, Miss caroline gel plus, Miki cream, Detasol, Fashion fair gel plus, Secret gel, Epiderm lotion, Mekako, Fadeout cream, Rico, Skin success cream and Betaderm cream

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