Raw aloe vera flesh

To treat skin disorders and small scars caused by pimples, I recommend the repair mask with honey and aloe vera. Use once or twice a week, depending on your needs.

Raw aloe vera flesh


1 part aloe vera gel or pure aloe vera pulp

2 parts honey

If you use pure aloe vera, crush the pulp until it becomes as liquid as possible. Then add honey and mix well until you get a smooth and semi -liquid substance. Apply on face and neck, gently massage and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse . Apply your moisturizer or oil.

Not only does this mask repair but it also moisturizes and leaves your skin smooth. The results are visible after the first application.

Honey and aloe vera both have restorative, emollient, moisturizing and astringent properties. In addition they provide vitamins and minerals to the skin.

To make this an even more moisturizing mask, add a dose of vegetable oil that will « hold » the water in the skin.Honey

This repair mask can easily be incorporated into a weekly face routine for skin with imperfections  – because it works on pimples and scars without harming the skin – as well as a routine for dehydrated skin .

Stéphanie B.

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