We all want a flawless skin without blemishes or marks. To this end, we always look for miracle products but we often forget one fundamental point: moisturizing.

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Indeed, properly moisturizing your skin stimulates cell renewal and therefore helps wound healing and fade dark marks. If you moisturize your skin properly every day, it will heal faster after an injury.

When you get an injury (scratch, acne scar, etc. ), first clean the wound with saline solution or water and mild soap and then moisturize the wound.

What products to use?

You can simply use vegetable oil mixed or not with essential oils that have antibacterial and/or healing properties. Wild rose oil or calophylum oil for example are known for accelerating healing.

As soon as you get a wound you can put a drop of flower honey on it. You can also apply a drop of pure aloe vera gel; many people do extol the virtues of aloe vera. Then moisturize your wound several times a day if possible. Do not let it dry.

It is not recommended to let your wound dry because it causes crust formation. Yet crust slows cell renewal and therefore also slows wound healing. So it is important to maintain the highest possible level of moisturization to avoid scars.

Remember that prevention is better than cure because the older the scar, the longer it takes to get rid of it.

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