Make up removal - nighttime routine

To adapt your daily routine to your skin type is essential in order to improve or to protect your skin. Today I wanna share with you my nighttime routine for dry skin that helped me improve my skin.

Make up removal - nighttime routineHere are the steps :

1. I wash my hands because I’m going to use them to remove the makeup.

2. I take a small amount of my makeup remover. Of course, the more makeup I have, the more product I am going to use.

3. I apply the product on my face with the tips of my fingers with circular massages just as I was washing my face. First I remove the makeup on my face and then I remove the make upon my eyes.

4.Then I apply the makeup remover on my lashes. I add some makeup remover if necessary. To remove the makeup on my lashed I squeeze them between my thumb and my middle finger. With this finger, there is less pressure than with the index finger and this is better for th lashes.

5. Then I take a cotton pad to remove the makeup remover build up.

6. I apply a tonic lotion or a floral water with another cotton pad.

7. I rinse my hands and then I apply my cream or my oil on my face.

I find this method more gentle and more efficient than the standard method. Indeed when I poor makeup remover on my cotton pad and then rub my face, I tend to rub too much and thus damage my skin.

NB : As you have noticed, I do not use water because this dries my skin too much. Since I do not use tap water anymore, the sensation of tightness has minimized very much.

Stéphanie B.

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