Huile au lumiskin

A few time ago, Saga a discount cosmetics shop in Ampère, Lyon proposed interesting price cuts on some items including this vegetal oil in picture left.


What struck me first beyon the price (2 euros) is the picture of a black woman on it and this note down below of the bottle « dark and black skin ». Curious, I wondered why this 99 % natural vegetal oil directs particularly to these consumers.

Because this oil has unifying as well as anti-oxidant properties. This oil is said to contain LUMISKIN™ . This patented complex limits the melanin synthesis blocks the occurrence of black spots, and enhances a glowing complexion. This all for only 2 euros ??? With sceptism I decided all the same to take this opportunity. Rendez-vous in one months for the result !

Sika K.

Je mets ma plume acerbe au service des analyses sociologiques en rapport avec le domaine de la cosmétique dans le blog.

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