We all dream of a flawless complexion and a lot of people who like to use natural methods do go for lemon to lighten dark marks.

benefits of lemon on dark marksLemon juice can be applied on a healthy skin without much risks. However dot not use it too much and too often because it can irritate the skin. As for essential oils, it is better to apply a couple of drops in your day or night cream.

Lemon is an efficient ingredient if you want to lighten your marks naturally but you should be careful if you do not want the opposite effect.

Indeed, we should keep in mind that lemon has photosensitizing effects. This means that when you apply lemon on your skin, it becomes more sensitive to UV rays and therefore it becomes darker. Even worse : sun exposure after having applied lemon essential oil can result in permanent marks!

Therefore it is recommended to use lemon in the evening. Or, if you prefer to apply it on the morning, do never forget to apply your sunscreen right after in order to block bad effects.

You also use lemon to lighten your dark marks ? Do not hesitate to share your experience!

Stéphanie B.

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