Return on the I’M NOT FAIR BUT I’M LOVELY campaign, a moto thrown right in the face of bleaching products such as the huge brand Fair&Lovely and other cosmetic brands for skin bleaching that invade the Indian cosmetic market, amongst others.  

I am not fair but I'm lovely  campaign

I am not fair but I’m lovely

This ad has been shown in India since 2008, according to the date of release of this article from Notes from underground. Not only was this campaign against skin bleaching on billboards but also on shopping center !

We do hope that this advertisement has helped black women to accept the color of their skin and not to give in to the temptation of bleaching their skin. And this is far from being an easy task because as you already know, India is one of the biggest market for skin bleaching products ; not to mention all of the commercials with straight motos (like. “White beauty” for Pond’s) that emphasizes the beauty of fair skin.

We do not know how effective this advertisement has been but if you live in India or if you have heard of it, do not hesistate to leave a comment.

Stéphanie B.

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