If you have a dry skin, these tipps should help you relieve skin tightness.

Photographer : Katie Tegtmeyer

1. Do never forget to MOISTURIZE your skin. Apply a moisturizer mornings and evenings. Anyway, if you do not do it, the tightness feeling will remind you what’s good for your skin.

2. Do not use too much tap water. Indeed tap water contains calc (the amount of calc depends on the town and country you are in) and calc increases skin dryness when used too often. If you are used to clean your face with water and a cleaning lotion,  do it only once a day, preferably in the evening to get rid of dirt, pollution and makeup residue. Ideally we should use mineral water on our skin but of course not everybody can afford it. In the morning you can simply use a cleansing milk followed with a cleansing lotion or floral water and then apply your facial moisturizer.

3. Apply a nourishing cream before going to bed. You can also apply a couple of drops of sweet almond oil or a small amount of Shea butter for instance. Your skin will benefit from the nourishing properties over night and it will be glowing when you wake up !

4. Do not use peelings too often. Once every two weeks maximum if you do not want to disturb cell renewal and irritate your skin.

5. Do not let water dry on your skin after cleaning your face. This does not moisturize the skin and it even makes it dryer. So just dab your face with a clean towel or a tissue before applying your moisturizer.

If you have further tipps to soothe dry skin, do not hesitate to leave a comment!

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