Cornrows are an efficient protective style to give your hair a break.  For that, you should continue to take good care for your hair. Here are some tipps that can help make your cornrows an efficient protective style.

CornrowsHairstyle duration :

You should preferably keep your cornrows up to one month maximum if you are wearing extensions. Duration can  last up to 4 or 6 weeks if cornrows are made only with your own hair. Beyond, your cornrows may not protect your hair anymore because :

1. Dirt, poluution and cosmetic product leave buildup one the hair scalp which prevents hairgrowth. Besides it is harder to clean the scalp as we do not have access to it where the cornrow is.

2. It is also harder to apply your haircare products on your hair.

Moreover, cornrows do alter quickly and this can be unsightly.

Moisturizing :

Even though it is not easy to take good care of your hair while wearing cornrows, (especially if you are wearing extensions), you can moisturise your hair with a spray especially made for braids and cornrows or you can use your own spray with water and an oil of your choice (1/4 oil for ¾ water). Moisturizing frequency will depend on the nneed of your hair. Normally spraying your hair once a day or once evry other day should be enough. Think of shaking your spray before using it.

Hair scalp cleansing :

Personnaly, I keep my cornrows only 15 day maximum so I can wait until I remove them to wash my hair.

So do not hesitate to comment if you have already tried dry shampoo or standard shampoo while wearing cornrows

Maintaining nice cornrows :

To maintain a nice hairstyle as long as possible, do not get rid of your satin cap/scarf when you go to sleep to avoid friction and hair that get out of the cornrow. To « discipline » this hair, some people use a small amount of wax that they apply on each cornrow. Some also use it to lay down baby hairs.

And you, how do you maintain your cornrows ?

Stéphanie B.

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