hallal nail lacquer

Halal nail lacquers? It was really a challenge to dare, and this has been done! A polish cosmetic brand began first in this extraordinary project.

hallal nail lacquerWhy halal? Because religious muslim women who are targeted by this company must not wear make up while they are praying several times a day. Consequence: they are forced to remove their nail lacquer before praying.

Halal nail lacquer revolution? Polymer, an active ingredient that enables oxygene to circulate freely. Result: water can penetrate the nail during ablutions. A muslim american researcher tested the product that he found efficient.

This Wojciech nail lacquer keeps all its promises.

Concerning french potential consumers, they can unfortunately only browse the brand Facebook page until we know whether these nail lacquers will be commercialized in France or not.

Sika K.

Je mets ma plume acerbe au service des analyses sociologiques en rapport avec le domaine de la cosmétique dans le blog.

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