Although relaxers have been on the market for many years and used by millions of consumers it  seems as though it has been subject to very few studies.

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Besides,  many people have complained about the fact that there is no regulation by the FDA or ANSM (equivalent of FDA in France). Maybe one of the reasons is that relaxers are considered cosmetic products by ANSM and they are therefore subject to the regulations in place for cosmetic products, which are not supposed to be harmful. Indeed, no public or known study has proved the link between the components of hair relaxers and diseases, so the authorities may not have any valid reason to submit theses product to a specific regulation or to ban them.

We already know the consequences of hair relaxing on hair and scalp but we know less about the dangers on our health. However a lot of people suspect relaxers cause serious illnesses. Unfortunately it is not that easy to find precise information about it. We have decided to do some research on the topic.

The result is that cancer cases linked to the use of chemicals mainly concern professionals working in hair salons because they inhale huge quantities of chemicals. Some studies found that relaxers cause neither breast cancer nor preterm births.

However, an article published in the American Journal of Epidemiology warns people since January that relaxers could cause fibroids. It could also cause premature puberty and urinary problems. This would be due to oestrogenic components contained in relaxers, interfering with the hormonal system. This is why doctors recommend waiting as long as possible before relaxing your hair for the first time.

These results are all the more worrying as according to the same sources, manufacturers are not compelled to mention all of the substances used in relaxers because of trade secret. We hope that all of them do not choose this option…

Stéphanie B.

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