Dr SEA from A sister in Germany

Dr. SEA : Hi !  I am a doctor, born in Camroon and I live in Germany. Actually I nicknamed myself SEA when I was 10. The letters stand for “Susan Enjema Aweh” (SEA).

Dr SEA from A sister in Germany

Dr SEA from A sister in Germany

Chronique beauté noire : What is the purpose of the website “A sister in Germany” ?

Dr. SEA : “A sister in Germany”( aims at giving a representative image of the African community in Germany. Our purpose is to counterbalance the image of the Africans, which is still very negative in the media.

Chronique beauté noire : What is the purpose of the website “A sister in Germany” ? : In general, how are people of African descent represented in Germany ?

Dr. SEA : In general immigrants, not only people of African descent, are represented as only users and not contributors.But they also have an opinion and they want to bring their contribution to the society. Often they are related to the so called “K-topics” : ” Katastroph”, “Krieg”, “Krankheit” (which means “catastrophy”, “war” and “disease”). ou reprenseted as “Asozial”, whichh means “socially unsuitable people”.

A typical example : the daily series where Afro-Germans have the above mentioned roles, encouraged by arguments that prove how ignorants producers are : “Do not expect to play a black doctor when there is none in your community”. However it is estimated that there are over 2000 doctors of African descent in Germany.

Chronique beauté noire : What is the purpose of the website “A sister in Germany” ? : What African origins are the most common in Germany ?

Dr. SEA :  According to the Federal office for statistics, around 300 000 Africans lived in Germany at the end of 2010. These results could be much higher if all Germans with African origins where taken into account.

Around 120 000 are from North-Africa. Among subsaharian Africans : Ghanaians, Nigerians and  Cameroonians are the biggest communities. These groups are not equally spread. You can find more Africans in western Germany.

Chronique beauté noire : The image of the nazi Germans is still ancred in some people’s mind. Would you say that there is more racism in Germany than elsewhere in Europe ?

Dr. SEA : I think it would be unappropriate to just say that all Germans are racists just becausee of the Nazi regime. I cannot compare to other European states because I didn’t really lived in theses countries. There are racists people everywhere and contrary to what people think Germany has not had the worst statistics… and not the best of course. Unfortunately there are still racism acts in Germany, not only towards Africans but also towards other minorities.

Chronique beauté noire : What Afro event would you recommand in your region or in the country ?

Dr. SEA : There are many events organised by the black community In Germany, especially in the summer : socio-politics forum, cultural and sports events. Cameroonian challenge takes place each year during the Pentecost weekend (, National COnvention of the Afrogermans (, the international afro community for the music festival in Würzburg ( There is an event organised each year in Hambourg to celebrate the Black History Month and you also have beauty pageants in the many african communities.

Chronique beauté noire : Is there an Afro-German blogosphere or do you think you’re are one of the only german speaking website to give information about the black community ?

Dr. SEA :  There are a couple of afro blogs in Germany :

Chronique beauté noire : Do you want to add something ?

Dr. SEA : The black community in Germany dates back to 1700 and will still be part of the population. And even though we are a minority, we are important and have a lot to give. Then it depends on people’s choice to see It or not.

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