Aurora Plush Baby Sierra Doll

More and more parents are looking for black dolls so that their children can identify to their toys. Nowadays several companies do sell black dolls. So tet’s get to know Black Beauty Dolls, an online shop that sells black dolls…

Aurora Plush Baby Sierra Doll

Aurora Plush Baby Sierra Doll

Blackbeautydolls : is an eboutique which sells black dolls, black childrens books, black boys toys and black party supplies in the UK and throughout Europe. Now all children of black heritage in the UK and Europe can have toys which reflect them and books with Characters that resemble them.

Chronique beauté noire  : Why is it important for you to sell black dolls ? 

BBD : For our children to see their reflection in the toys they play with and books they read is so important. It is a known fact in child development that children learn through play. Seeing themselves in their toys is a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to building pride and self esteem. What parents tell and show their children is also very important. With parents can create a consistent message for their children by talking to them about their culture, where they are from, black successful people, reading black books and surrounding them with toys that reflect them.

Chronique beauté noire  : Can you tell us more about the dolls that you sell ?

BBD : We have black baby dolls, black fashion dolls, black rag dolls, black boys toys like a wrestler and footballer. Our brands include Barbie, Bratz Dolls, Moxie Girlz, baby Anabell and Baby Alive – all with black heritage.

Chronique beauté noire  : What is your best seller doll ? Why is that, according to you ? 

BBD : Our best selling doll is the cute Rag Doll Sierra. We think that this is because she is cute, portable and completely different to any other doll. She also has an afro hair doo which many of our customers really love.

Chronique beauté noire  : You do not only sell dolls. What else can we find at

BBD : We also sell black children’s books, party goods and accessories too. Our book range includes award winning books and caters for children from birth up to their teenage years. Our party supplies feature black children and have black princesses, black ballerina’s and a black basketball star. Our other toys include styling heads and a beautiful little dolls house with a black little family. We will shortly be adding to our range with games and videos too !!

Chronique beauté noire  : Except in the UK, what country/countries do you deliver?

BBD : We deliver to the countries below* at the moment

Chronique beauté noire  : Do you have any physical store ?

No not yet, we are only online but do attend some events and exhibitions and sell there. For updates on where we will be ‘like’ us on Facebook –

Thank you !

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