dark marks on a reader's face after hair removal

Following the request of one of our readers, our consultant Angélique Hien gives us beauty tips to treat darks marks due to hair removal. But before discovering  her pieces of advice here is the message of our reader…

dark marks on a reader's face after hair removal

dark marks on a reader’s face after hair removal

“I am a young black lady. My problem is located on my chin. Actually when I was in highschool I noticed a couple of hair on my chin and I used to remove it with tweezers. Since then, this kind of hair keeps on growing. They grow thicker and darker and they tend to grow inside the skin. Moreover, I have spots. Result : the zones have dark marks. You can see it on the pictures (right ad left side of my chin). What can I do to get ride of it ? What other option do I have to prevent hair from growing ? Are there creams or natural methods to soften hyperpigmentation? Or should I just put some makeup ?”

Angélique Hien: Hair removal on black skin is not anodyne because black skin is sensitive. Therefore the mere scratch will result in an overproduction of melanin which causes dark marks.

When using tweezers the hair should be removed entirely from the root, i.e with its bulb because if you break the hair it may grow thicker, become ingrown and result into spots. Before hair removal I advise you to wipe the zone with a cotton pad soaked in lotion (the lotion will humidify your skin, open the pores and make it easier to remove the hair). Then stretch your skin with your thumb and index finger and remove the hair softly in a sharp movement. You should ideally have it done by a skilled beautician who knows how to do it.

What other option do I have to prevent hair from growing ?

Angélique Hien: My advice is to consult a dermatologist or a cosmetic doctor (do not confuse them with aesthetic surgeons) because the only way to remove hair permanently is the Nd Yag laser, especially made for black skin.

I recommend a specialist in black skin, Dr. Khadi Sy Biset, who is a cosmetic doctor and she will be able to give you pieces of advice.

Are there creams or natural methods to soften hyperpigmentation?

Angélique Hien: Cosmetic creams can slightly soften marks but the result will not be prodigious on yours because they are very dark. The more recent the mark, the easier it is to remove it. But according to your picture, it seems that the skin is thicker where the marks are. So i think the best decision would be to consult a dermatologist.

Nevertheless, I can recommend a couple of creams by Avène and La Roche Posay, which are soft and hypoallergenic products that take care of your skin without damaging it :


  • Unifying anti brown spot daily skincare SPF 15 : to use mornings and evenings after cleaning your face. This cream will not only moisturize and soften your marks but it will also protect it from the sun in order to prevent new marks.
  • Serum Biomedic pigment control: to use evenings only on your marks. Let it dry and then apply the Mela D cream


Cleanance product line (oily skin and acne prone skin)

  • Purifying toner : to use mornings and evenings after cleaning your face. Thanks to salicylic acid, this product will exfoliate the surface of the skin and soften it.
  • Rich hydrating cream for normal skin: this cream will moisturize and protect your skin form UV rays and thus prevent new marks from appearing and it will also prevent existing marks from getting darker.
  • Rich dark spot lightener Avene D-pigment : it has a light texture and you should use it evenings only on your dark marks.
  • Triacneal skincare, especially made to fight severe acne : to use evenings on your spots and small scars.

As far as make up I s concerned, if you are not used to use foundation and that you do not like makeup, you can apply a concealer that has the same color as your skin, only on your marks.
Otherwise you can find quality covering foundation in brands like Black Up, MAC Cosmetics or Black Opal. The color should naturally melt on your skin. For the powder, it is better to use a lose powder that is one shade lighter than your foundation. Because if you use compact powder on the covering foundation, you will look like you are wearing a mask and your face will look fixed and not natural, which we want to avoid.

Stéphanie B.

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