Photographer : Elmo H. Love

Photographer : Elmo H. Love

Chronique beauté noire : What is the difference between an “anti dark spot” cream and  a cream “against dark spots”?

Angélique Hien : There is no difference. They both have the same purpose : removing dark spots. Some brands use different words but it actually means the same thing.
Chronique beauté noire :According to certain dermatologists, shaving does not result in hair disorders, which has not been true for me. What do you recommand?
Angélique Hien : In esthetics, shaving is not recommanded because it makes the hair grow faster and thicker and  it could grow inside the skin and result in small black spots. Besides you can cut your skin with the razor blade, which can result in dark marks and we all want to avoid that.I advise you to wax with standard or oriental wax (you can have it done in a beauty institute). Thus the hair is removed with its bulb and it will grow more slowly, thinner and your skin will be clean and soft.You can also use hair removal creams but it can cause allergies.
Chronique beauté noire : According to Dr. Fitoussi in “Dermatologie sur peau noire” (Dermatology on black skin) there is no need to use different creams for night and day. What do you think about it?
AH : I think we should use different creams in some cases. Beauticians provide this skicare because the day cream will help protect your skin from external factors like pollution, cold, wind, UV. Most of these creams are moisturizers whose formula is adapted to each skin type and they also contain UV filters. At night, skin cells regenerate more easily and respond more positively to the benefits of ingredients. Some night creams are made with substances that cannot be used during the day, like AHA, lightening agents like bear berry or essential oils.
Chronique beauté noire: Whats kind of tips can you give for dark knees and elbows?
Angélique Hien : Noone is perfect. Everybody has problems with skin complexion but it is far more visible in Blacks because our skin is darker.
What you can do is use scrubs on your knees and elbows once a week in order to remove dead skin cells. This makes the skin less dull. You can also use lemon juice mixed with water, which you will apply on dark areas with a cotton pad. You can also use that as a face lotion in order to improve your complexion. It is better to use biological lemon and make sure you apply it at night because it is photosensitive.I cannot recommend any lightening cream because I do not trust them. Some of them are harmful.
However you can buy brands in pharmacies like La Roche Posay that offer skincare products against hyperpigmentation or you can go to the dermatologist.
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