Chronique beauté noire: What is your advice to people who are used to buying cheap nail polish. Is it toxic on the long term for our nails?

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Angélique Hien: Nail polishes are made of nitrocellulose (film forming agent), solvents, resin and plasticizers for covering, softness, hardening effect and water resistance…

Coloring agents: mineral or organic pigments for iridescent tones, fish scale powder or mica titanium.

Indeed some ingredients are far from being bio and can be scary, like nitrocellulose, which was used as an explosive for armaments. However nail polish has been made to cause as less allergies as possible and even no allergy at all. Some ingredients like formaldehyde et certain petroleum derivatives have been banned from formulas because it caused too much allergies. Nevertheless, be careful with cheap nail polish because there might still be made of those products.

It is better to use quality nail polish because it will last longer and the color will not become dull. A couple of reliable brands: Essie, Opi and Mavala.

Wearing nail polish is not dangerous on the long term but you must follow a couple of directions :

  • Before applying nail polish you should apply a nail base coat. It will act as a protective barrier against pigments (just like you would apply a makeup base coat on your face) and it will prevent nail from turning yellow.
  • Avoid going too close to the nail eponychium because its function is to protect nail matrix from germs (nail matrix produces the cells that become nail plate) and the product might damage it. The consequences of a damaged matrix : nail deformation, change of nail color, crumbling…
  • Avoid going too close to the lateral nail fold so that the product does not penetrate your skin.

Currently, what is fashionable is hybrid nail polish: gel-based nail polish which can be applied quickly and lasts up to 2 weeks. Of course you better have it made by a professional beautician!!!

If you like bio, you can buy water-based nail polish by Acquarella. They will act as a nail care product because it hydrates nail plate and thus prevent from drying. They are odorless and non toxic.

There is also bio nail polish by Couleur Caramel which is free of paraben, toluene,formalin and colophony.

Chronique beauté noire: Is false eyelash glue dangerous for the eyes ?

Photographer : Vox Efx

Angélique Hien: Indeed it is dangerous if it is in contact with your eyes. Some people have allergic reactions on their eyelids but it really depends on each individual. In this case you should immediately consult a dermatologist or an ophthalmologist.

My advice is to use permanent false eyelashes (you should go to a beauty institute) because the glue that will be used is made of a synthesis of keratin, which is the main component of appendages (hair, skin, nails). This method lasts longer and look more natural.

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