We are trying to know more about the Afro-German-speaking blogosphere : here is Anna, a german speaking lady who gives tipps on Youtube and lives in Austria. She has accepted to answer a couple of question about natural hair…

Aniversum, beauty blogger

Aniversum, beauty blogger

Chronique beauté noire: Generally speaking, would you say that it’s easy to find products for natural hair in Germany ? What about makeup ?  If no, where do you buy your products and what brand do you use ?

Anna : It took some skills and patience to find the right products for my hair. When I went natural 4 years ago, there were no products available. So I watched a  lot of YouTube Vids to find out what others are using. Thank God there is internet, so I could order most of my haircare products online. In the last two years, a lot of german online shops catering to natural and curly hair needs have come into being. Actually, there are lots of natural hair products available now in the german speaking countries.

Concerning Make Up I am really glad that MAC is available in the little town I live in. But MAC is very expensive, so I also try other brands like Sleek, NYX, Rimmel, Coastal Scents etc.  Since I order most of the stuff online, I watch a lot of beauty YouTube Gurus like lipumpkinpie05, beautybyjj or DestinyGodly for reviews and tips. I learned a lot from these gorgeous women.

Chronique beauté noire: What is your favorite hair product for natural hair ? Which brand would you recommend for people who have your hair type ?

Anna : My favourite Leave In Conditioner is the Kinky Curly Knot Today. Everything else I like to switch up from time to time.  I have very thick, coarse and dense hair. My hair needs a lot of moisture and also a lot of oils. So I would recommend products that provide moisture but also weigh down the hair a little bit. Shea butter mixed with oils is perfect for weighing down the hair and sealing in the moisture, especially in the winter time.

Chronique beauté noire:  What is your hair routine ? What is your favorite hairstyle ?

Anna : I wash my  hair with conditioner 2-3 times a week. I dry my hair with a t-shirt and then apply my leave-in. I use a modified version of the famous „Kimmaytube- Leave-In“. I mix the Knot Today with some Aloe Vera Juice and add some drops of olive oil to it. Then I use a styler like the My Honey Child Twistout Creme.

In the summer months I enjoy wearing my hair out in a twistout, braidout or up do. My favourite hair style are two strand twists put together in a high bun. This style lasts for days, I can wash my hair in the twists and the style is also very comfortable when I workout.

Chronique beauté noire:Do you go to  he hairdresser’s ? Why ?

Anna : I tried to go to some salons, but so many hair dressers are afraid of curly and afro hair. So I had to learn how to take care of my own hair. I cut and trim my own hair, I do protein treatments and I style it myself. At first I did not believe that I was able to make my hair look nice and be healthy but after 4 years I can really say that I know my hair’s needs.

Chronique beauté noire: in one of your video, you say that natural hair is not a problem when it comes to employment. Would you say that in Germany wearing natural hair is not an issue ?

Anna : I live in Austria. We speak the same language as our German neighbors but there are a lot of differences. I never had a problem in the professional world, but I believe that it is the way you feel about yourself, that determines how people will react to you. I always have my hair up when I go for work, not because I don’t want to wear my afro, but because everyone who is working in a professional environment puts his hair up. Just like I don’t wear my jeans to work.

I have worked with german companies before and never experienced any negativity towards me or my hair style choices. But of course there will always be some people who will leave unnecessary comments towards natural hair. Maybe because they are not used to it, maybe because it makes them uncomfortable or maybe because they are just curious.

The only thing I can add is that the more people start to wear their hair curly and natural, the more people will get used to it and not see it as something extraordinary. At the end of the day it is just hair.

Check her Youtube channel here : Aniversum

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