Angèle Mbarga, President of Assosication Fibrome Info France
Angèle Mbarga, President of Assosication Fibrome Info France

Angèle Mbarga, president of Association Fibrome Info France

Fibrome Info France is the first French association that informs and raises awareness about uterine fibroid in cooperation with doctors who specialize in this topic: gynecologists and obstetricians.

The association also fights against loneliness of women who are affected by this disease and to enable early diagnose of women at risk.

But what is uterine fibroid ?

Uterine fibroid is a benign tumor that develops in the uterus and many tumors can develop at the same time. Fibroid is a pathology that affects more particularly black women et they are often affected at a younger age.

We wanted to know more about fibroids and here are the answers of Fibrome Info France :

B.E : Do we know why women of African descent are more affected than others and at a younger age ?

FIF : No, because the cause remains unknow. However there may be a link between genetics and the development of fibroids, especially in women of African descent. When too much estrogenes are produced, this can trigger the development of fibroids.

B.E : As black women are more affected, is it recommended that they consult doctors in order to pevent fibroids from developing ?

FIF : Fibrome Info France encourages black women to make a pelvic ultrasonography once a year before the disease develops, because this pathology is not covered. Nothing has been planned by the health authorities when it comes to prevention. Our campaign has two goals : raising awareness of women at risk and  mobilize doctors in favor of early diagnosis.

B.E : Today, is uterine fibroid easily diagnosed ?

FIF : The diagnosis of uterine fibroid is made through pelvic ultrasonography. If you have symptoms like too heavy menstrual periods,  metrorrhagia, blood clot or pain during intercourse, then a pelvic ultrasound scans will confirm the presence of one or more uterine fibroids

Thank you to Angèle Mbarga for answering our questions.

Remember that there is an information campaign organized on Thursday 14th June. Click here to learn more.

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