Whaterver your hairtype and your hairstyle, it is better to wrap your hair with a scarf or a cap. Here are 5 good reasons to wrap your hair at night.


1. Avoid friction : ideed when we sleep without a scarf or a cap, the hair rubs the pillow or bed sheets especially if your sleep is restless. Yet friction makes weakens the hair and can cause breakage and therefore a lot of people think that their hair do not grow. Do not neglect that, especially if you have fragile and thin hair.

Think of wrapping your hair even when you are wearing protective styles like braids, cornrows or twists because not only does friction cause breakage but it also damages the hairstyle.

2. Maintain your hair straight : after having spent 1 or 2 hours straightening your hair, it has to hold at least the whole week !! Wrapping your hair helps you maintain your hair straight. Thus you don’t have to use you flat iron during the week and it makes you use heat less often.

3. Maintain your curls : same thing for your curls. After having taken your time to create wonderful curls (with twists, curl formers, curling iron, etc), we want it to hold as ong as possible. Wrapping your hair with pineapple wrap helps you maintain your curls the whole week.

4. Retain moisture : as long as you use the right fabric ! Silk, satin  and polyester scarves and caps are recommended to retain moisture in your hair. Avoid cotton which is absorbing and will make your hair dry.

5. Avoid cosmetic acne : last but not least, cosmetic acne. When you sleep without protecting your hair, they rub on the pillow and leave product build-up on it. However your face also rubs on the pillow and as a consequence it rubs on the residue that can clog pores and cause spots. Think about it, especially if your skin is or have become fragile and reactive.

Stéphanie B.

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