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mardi , 10 décembre 2019
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Tag Archives: natural hair

Klerissa McDonald, founder of Curly By Nature

I discovered the haircare brand Curly By Nature during the Rock Your Curls Academy in Francfort (Germany) last month. As I’m always looking for accessible quality products for natural hair in Europe, I decided to know more about this brand and its founder, the beautiful …

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How to maintain curl pattern with the « pineapple wrap »

To maintain your curl pattern, you don’t need to re-braid or re-twist etc every evening. Your curls can hold a couple of days without having to re-manipulate them thanks to the “pineapple wrap”. How to proceed : 1. Push your hair to the top of …

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How hair relaxers work on our hair

You have relaxed hair and you’re struggling to take care of it ? … In order to choose the right products for your hair, it is important to understand how chemical relaxers affect our hair. First let’s take a look at the structure of curly …

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Aniversum, Austrian beauty blogger


We are trying to know more about the Afro-German-speaking blogosphere : here is Anna, a german speaking lady who gives tipps on Youtube and lives in Austria. She has accepted to answer a couple of question about natural hair… Chronique beauté noire: Generally speaking, would you say …

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Naturi Ebène, founder of Mes Recettes Cosmétiques

Naturi Ebène

Naturi Ebène is the founder of “Mes recettes cosmétiques”, an online natural cosmetics store. Her company caught my attention because she uses ingredients that are rarely used in standard cosmetic products : yam or bissap extract. I also loved her soap cakes that look very …

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