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vendredi , 21 février 2020
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Tag Archives: dark marks

Beauty tips by Angélique Hien #3

dark marks on a reader's face after hair removal

Following the request of one of our readers, our consultant Angélique Hien gives us beauty tips to treat darks marks due to hair removal. But before discovering  her pieces of advice here is the message of our reader… « I am a young black lady. My …

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Beauty tips by Angélique Hien #2

Chronique beauté noire : What is the difference between an “anti dark spot” cream and  a cream “against dark spots”? Angélique Hien : There is no difference. They both have the same purpose : removing dark spots. Some brands use different words but it actually means …

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Lemon to fade dark marks

We all dream of a flawless complexion and a lot of people who like to use natural methods do go for lemon to lighten dark marks. Lemon juice can be applied on a healthy skin without much risks. However dot not use it too much …

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