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lundi , 30 mars 2020
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Mustard oil benefits

Have you ever heard about mustard seed oil benefits? No? However , it has been a long time since ayurvedic medicine has recognized this oil as one of the most efficient in the field of hair growth.

Mustard oilAs a matter of fact, regularly massaging your scalp with this substance is said to help you greatly with improving your hair. How does it work precisely?

Mustard seed oil contains a high level of zinc and selenium which are told to help stimulating the scalp (and thus blood circulation), and hair growth. Moreover, this oil is rich in beta carotene, O mega 3, vitamins A and E, and other nutrients that contribute in having strong hair.

To benefit from mustard oil apply it, then massage your scalp with it. Leave it at least 3hours before shampooing your hair. For fast growth, use it 3 times a week. Apparently, results are visible after a few weeks. Do not forget that there are no miraculous products, everything depends on good habits and sound lifestyle.

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