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lundi , 27 janvier 2020
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Ma Sublime Box review

Here is the review of our beauty consultant Angélique Hien about the « MA SUBLIME BOX » beauty box dedicated to women of color. 


This is a high quality beauty box with natural products in it. In my box there was natural and bio products :

  • Two products BEAUTIFUL CURLS. The curl activator shampoo made of shea butter, fresh plant extracts, raw oils and natural additives. Thanks to this shampoo, curls are more defined and shiny. And the conditioner that contains shea butter, virgin coconut oil , plant and yarrow extracts give strength and stretch to your hair. In September, I already tested Beautiful Curl products enriched with shea butter and I liked the quality and the results on my hair.
  • Shea butter 100% natural perfumed with exotic fruits by CAALINE KARITESTHETIC. You can use it on your body, on your face and on your hair. I use it on my lips that tend to be dry in winter. It is soft and smooth and it is highly hydrating and nourishing.
  • A biological purple lip and eye pencil by OUADAI COSMETICS that contains shea butter, bees wax, vitamin E and orange essential oil. This is my favourite product in this box. The color is nice and highly pigmented. It is neither too dry nor loose, which helps applying it and makes it last longer.
  • 15 Japanese incense rolls by INSTANTS D’ETERNITE. Composition: sandalwood, benzoin, anise, clove, cinnamon and oak mousse. It has a soft and discreet, I felt like I was raising to Asia.
  • Two Suchard chocolate pieces. I am a big fan of chocolate! I ate them right away and they taste really good.

On, you will also find “ Le club des sublimes”, which is a platform for beauty news and new trends (fashion, accessories, shoes, etc) and entertainment.

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