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vendredi , 24 janvier 2020
Accueil » Non classé » How to maintain curl pattern with the « pineapple wrap »

How to maintain curl pattern with the « pineapple wrap »

To maintain your curl pattern, you don’t need to re-braid or re-twist etc every evening. Your curls can hold a couple of days without having to re-manipulate them thanks to the “pineapple wrap”.

Pineapple wrapHow to proceed :

1. Push your hair to the top of your head. Tilt your head forward to make it easier.

2. Place your scarf on your neck.

3. Take the 2 ends of the scarf, cross them in the front and then make a knot at the back of your head.

4. Pull the upper edge of the scarf in order to put the hair up.

5. Make sure you put all your hair up if there is some strands stuck behind your head.

Then you get a nice pineapple.

This method is very efficient because contrary to the standard wrap, the curls are not flattened. When your hair is wrapped backwards, the curls tend to flatten when you sleep and therefore the hairstyle does not hold long.

In the morning when you remove your scarf, shake your head to put your curls into place and use your fingers if necessary. Do not forget to moisturize your hair.

Below is an example of curl maintenance with the pineapple wrap after a braid out and then a video tutorial to help you do the wrap.

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