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lundi , 20 janvier 2020
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Beautiful Curls

Our beauty specialist Angélique Hien tried the Beautiful Curls products. These products are specially made for curly, frizzy and kinky hair. These products are very nutritive and hydrating. Here is her review…

 Beautiful Curls

« I received samples as well as a table with the different hairtypes and adapted care. Indeed Beautiful Curls provides a haircare protocol adapted to each type of hair from curly to coarse hair.

I tested :

  • Shampoo : Shea Butter Curl Activating
  • Leave-In conditioner : Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Curl activator : Shea Butter Curl Activating Leave-In Coditioner
  • Styling Cream : Shea Butter Curling Cream


This is a natural sulfate free shampoo with shea butter and plant extracts. It has a high cleaning power without being harmful for the hair. I noticed the product is smooth and soft, this may be due to its high shea butter concentration.


After the shampoo I applied a deep conditioner on wet hair. This one contains shea butter and many plant extracts including arnica flower which helps hair growth. The texture is smooth and it smells nice.

I applied the Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Treatment and then I combed my hair to spread the product on the whole length and I wraped my hair with plastic film for 15 minutes. When I rinsed I found my hair was softer. Then I dried my hair with a towel and I applied  the Shea Butter Activating Leave-in Conditioner.


This product has a creamy texture and moisturizes  the hair. It makes the hair more manageable and enhances your curls depending on your hair type. I massaged my scalp while applying the product until my hair absorbed it and then I combed my hair with a wide tooth comb and it was very easy to comb.


Then I used the Shea Butter Curling Cream. It is more particularly recommended when you want to style your hair with two strand twists, braids or other styles. I wanted to do cornrows right after so I was the right occasion.


After using Beautiful Curls products I found my hair were softer and less dull. My hair structure was more defined but I did not get real curls as I have a 4C type of hair. I appreciated the texture and how fresh my hair was after.

You will find more information on Beautiful Curl website, especially information about hair types and the right care for each type of hair. Beautiful Curls products are also on sale on »

Stéphanie B.

Co-fondatrice et gérante chez Chronique beauté noire
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