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samedi , 28 mars 2020
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Association Dynafrica

Dynafrica (Dynamique Africaine) is a French association created in 2010, based on the will of young French people of African descent. The association is chaired by Mr. Amadou Cissokho, a French of Senegalese descent. He is also the one who initiated the project.

DynafricaChronique beauté noire : What is the aim of the association ?

AC: Dynafrica aims at promoting the African culture and History. Young people from immigrant background have a bicultural identity and sometimes some of them do not feel like they fit in anywhere because they are considered foreigners here in France and in their original country.

Many people agree with the fact that the need of a few markers is a major issue of today’s youth.

Every foreign institution is represented in France: they have an embassy, a consulate or a cultural institute. Yet Africa is not represented anywhere. Therefore we have fixed the objective of enabling the creation of the first “French Center for African Culture and (historic) Memory”( « Centre des Cultures et des mémoires africaines en France »)

Chronique beauté noire : Will the whole continent be represented or just a couple of African countries ?

AC : We are willing to represent every country. We already have 43 members of different origins (Maghreb, West and Central Africa). Of course, at the beginning not everybody is going to be satisfied and this is our main challenge.

Chronique beauté noire : Who is your target public for this project ?

AC : We mainly target the African community. Dynafrica is undertaking a project made BY and FOR the African community. This is important to know that to feel concerned.

Chronique beauté noire: Are you going to do activities outside Paris ?

AC : Not now but we are interested in any collaboration. For instance we have already one to the North and we also went to Creil for information meetings.


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