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mardi , 31 mars 2020
Accueil » Non classé » Naturi Ebène, founder of Mes Recettes Cosmétiques

Naturi Ebène, founder of Mes Recettes Cosmétiques

Naturi Ebène is the founder of “Mes recettes cosmétiques”, an online natural cosmetics store. Her company caught my attention because she uses ingredients that are rarely used in standard cosmetic products : yam or bissap extract. I also loved her soap cakes that look very yummy !
Naturi Ebène
Naturi Ebène
Chronique beauté noire : How did you learn to make cosmetic products yourself ?
Naturi Ebène : I founded “Mes recettes cosmétiques” after seven years of personal research. I am fond of cosmetology and I wanted to put the emphasis on the African pharmacopoeia, which is the best for black skins. So I went to Africa and learnt in a village with the best skilled people. Making your own cosmetic products is fun, cheaper and more efficient.Chronique beauté noire : What kind of customers do you have ?
NE : The majority of my customers are black. But I also have white customers that buy for themselves and some of them are looking for advice for their children who are mixed …
I sell mainly in Europe but I also receive orders from Senegal, Cameroon, the West Indies, Canada and the United State.Chronique beauté noire: Where are your suppliers located ?
N.E : My suppliers are located in the European Union because it is illegal to buy direct from African suppliers. I buy row material from wholesalers who do innocuousness tests to make sure the products comply with the European normsChronique beauté noire : Can you tell us about the workshops that you organize ?
N.E : I provide 3 types of workshops :
– I coach people who want to go back to their natural hair
– Soap making workshop
– 100% cosmetics workshop. First I have to know your skin type so I can prepare a specific formula, which I will teach you during the workshop.Chronique beauté noire : You took part to the “Salon du dressing ethnique”. Did you participate to other exhibitions ?
N.E :  Yes I participated to the African Heroe Award, Black Genius Festival, Funky Fashion Free Market and Nappy Party Festival.

Naturi Ebène is also one of the founders of Cheveux Ebène (a forum about natural hair), if you speak french it is worth visiting the website. Visit Mes recettes cosmetiques

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